Who we are

Tennis Events

Yes, you read that correctly!

Our tennis tournaments are something different from the well-known tournaments.

We manage to involve everyone, even non-fans and those who are not experts.

For us, tennis is a great show that involves all ages and generates emotions.

For us, tennis is a theatrical performance and therefore requires a scenography and a choreography.

The show begins before the games, evolves into the game and ends in the post-game with collateral events that involve everyone, tennis players and not.

For this reason our scenography foresees, at least in the central fields, a lighting system and a music system that generate exciting effects for the public and that encourage professional players to express their enormous abilities to the fullest.

The collateral activities of music, entertainment, shows are the appetizer and dessert of the technical and competitive show that professionals perform in the field.

An event conceived in this way turns into a powerful communication tool for commercial and institutional sponsors.



Carlo Piccoli and Viktor Galovic